Friday, September 2, 2016


What: Fanzine
Where: Oakland, California
When: 1978-?
Who: John Gullak, Lucy Childs, Michael Leroy Mallery

Another Room Magazine was an Oakland based fanzine, it emerged from punk and new wave scene but it focused mainly on experimental music, alternative comics and contemporary art. It was founded around 1978 by John Gullak, guitarist of the San Francisco punk wave band Mutants, Lucy Childs and Michael Mallery, who designed the fanzine using the first Apple Computers, he was a pioneer of the use of desktop publishing, quite a peculiar thing for a punk fanzine.
At the beginning the magazine was financed by selling to artists full pages for their art, so the first issues were only ads and artwork and when they gained extra money they started to put articles, interviews and reviews in it.
Around 1980 John Gullak begun to organize some environmental sound events called Public Hearing. They put a p.a. on the roof of their building to broadcast hours and hours of cassettes sent to them by the people through the magazine. It was a sort of show case for emerging independent music  people. From 1982 John Gullak hosted No Other Radio, a radio program on KPFA (Berkeley) focused on experimental and industrial music. Around the same time, together with Jeff Brogan, he founded the label A.R.P.H. Tapes (Another Room Public Hearings Tapes) and they released cassettes of XX Committee, Problemist, Debt of Nature and the Audio A.R.M. Cassette Magazine.

Another Room No. 3 (1979)
Inside articles on Kalx, Mutants, Scott Donaut, Peter Thomas, Normals, Aquarius records, White Lilu, Industrial Records. Target Video, Genesis P-Orridge, Silver Chalice, Postcard Palace....

Another Room No. ? (1979)
18 x 11.5". 12 pages
Article about the band Nervous Gender, an interview with Susan Wick, San Francisco Video Festival interview, advertisements for music stores and films, including the West Coast Premiere of the Nick Zedd's Zodiak film, They Eat Scum and Louder, Faster, Shorter (starring The Mutants, U.X.A., The Dils, Sleepers, and others)....

Another Room No. 6 (1979)
18 x 11.5". 12 pages
cover art by Kelly Detweiler, has ads by/for Anarchy Comics, Nart Magazine, Explore and Exploit Enterprizes, Silver Chalice, Postcard Palace, KLAX...

Another Room No. 8 (1980)
18 x 11.5". 12 pages
Interviews with artist Alan Scarritt, Jay Kinney (editor of Anarchy Comics)...
Another Room Vol.2 No.2 (summer 1980)?
Interview with Monte Cazazza and Tana Emmolo Smith (read it here) , ....

Another Room Vol.2 No.3
18 x 11.5". 24 pages
Ads for concerts Chrome Dinette, Delta 5, Mutants, I.Y., Cabaret Voltaire, Young Marble Giants, Sleepers, Minimal Man and more at various places, interview  with Howard Devoto (Magazine), Cabaret Voltaire; Full-page ad for concert by Zeros, No Alternatives, Freon and many more at The Sound of Music; Pere Ubu interview; The Avant Garde in Russia 1910-1930; Ad for Fast Forward, Valencia Tool and Die concerts; Ad for Gang of Four at California Hall...

Another Room Vol.2 No.5 (2nd Anniversary Issue)
18 x 11.5". 48 pages
Charles Burns strip "Mysteries of the Flesh", Michael Peppe, Tim Yohannon, Ruby Ray...

Another Room Vol.2 No.8
18 x 11.5". 23 pages
Interview with P. Dresher and A. Maciel, graphic by C. Burns...

Another Room Vol.2 No.9
18 x 11.5". 23 pages
Holland radio art, music, SPK, Cassette reviews, On the record, The art record (Jeff Gordon), Jud Fine, Les Levine, Vincenzo Agnetti, Chris Burden, Joseph Beuys, Komar/melamid, Terry fox, Ida Appleborg etc.

Another Room Vol.3 No.5 (1984)
18 x 11.5". ?? pages

Another Room Vol.3 No.8 (1985)
18 x 11.5". ?? pages
Interview with Jim Jarmusch, artist George Coats, musician Van Morrison, with music critic Joel Selvin and Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, record reviews, etc. 
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  1. I have a about 10 issues, mostly vol 2 & 3. Any suggestions for what to do with them?

    1. I’d love to buy them from you. I live in San Francisco.

  2. Mark P , The best thing to do with things like that are to digitally upload them and archive them. Things such as these should not be lost in time.

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