Friday, September 9, 2016


What: Video
Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
When: 1980
Who: Stephanie Beroes

Debt Begins At 20 is a fascinating 16mm documents on the punk/wave scene of Pittsburgh.
Stephanie Beroes after she had finished her Filming M.A. in San Francisco, she came back to her city: Pittsburgh. There, with her friend Bill Bored (drummer of the synth-punk band Cardboards), she decided to impress on film the nascent Pittsburgh punk scene. The black and white celluloid is somewhat between the documentary and the fiction, the scenario is simple, the camera follows the chronicles of Bill Bored dating with one of the members of punk girl band The Dykes. Around this plot, some very spontaneous shooting of parties, shows, Bill's messy apartment and people talking without a script, very much in the vein of the underground cinema happening in NY.
With music also by The Shakes and Hans Brinker.

[the whole video is here]

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