Friday, September 2, 2016


What: Fanzine
Where: Madison, Wisconsin
When: 1982-1986
Who: Fred Stonehouse, Lynne Rae Perkin, Chrisanne Robertson

This fanzine was produced in Madison by members of the artsy lo-fi punk band Hollywood Autopsy. The zine was mainly about punk music, art, religious taboos and hypocrisy.

"We sold them in record stores and in person on the “mall” where we installed ourselves with broken religious statues (found cheap and ample at thrift stores) and colorful plastic rosaries. CG contained art, film, music, and club reviews along with articles and interviews with local bands. It critiqued social and political events including issues of pop culture saturation; left over religious anxiety; and the rising tide of conformity and consumerism." here

Catholic Guilt No. 3 (summer 1982)
11.7" x 8.3". ? pages
Reviews of Black Flag, Flesh Eaters, Alley Cats, X...

Catholic Guilt No. 4 (nov. 1982)
11.7" x 8.3". ? pages
Interview with Hollywood Autopsy, Adventures of Jesus Christ comics, clippings galore plus local gig reviews of Bad Brains, Mecht Mensch, MDC...

Catholic Guilt No. 6 (1983)
11.7" x 8.3". 30 pages
Interview with Mike Zwicky, poetry, show reviews...

Catholic Guilt No. 8 (1983)
11.7" x 8.3". ? pages

Catholic Guilt No. 9
11.7" x 8.3". ? pages

[images from 1, 2]

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