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What: Fanzine
Where: Lawrence, NY
When: sep.1980- ?
Who: Margery Amber, Daniel Uffner 

Punk/New Wave fanzine from New York with information, reviews and articles. It featured a lot of music from England and also aesthetically is very influenced by the graphics of Factory Records or Malcolm Garrett.
Here's more info: 
"Non LP B Side, a little fanzine whose is taken from signs in specialty record stores indicating they have B side songs taken from singles that do not appear on any albums.
Non LP started in September, 1980 as a hand-typed 16-page newsprint fanzine that publishers/editors Margery Amber and Daniel Uffner would distribute free to New York area record stores and clubs. Neither had any previous publishing experience.
Since the first issure, the magazine has come out about every five weeks, growing to 32 pages on bettter quality paper, with the February issue getting newstand distribution in New York, where it sells for 75 cents. The publisher say that they have received interest from an investor, and that the magazine after the next issue should be printed on glossyy paper. According to Amber, Non LP now sells about 25,000 copies per issue and is avaible in selected locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago. She says response has been especially good on the West Coast.
"We want people to enjoy the look and feel of it", says Amber, describing her magazine. "There are no heavy philosophical topics in it. Music is more emotion. But it's not just music. A lot of it is concerned with the visuals. We have five artists doing the design now"."
[from Billboard apr-1982]

Non LP B-Side No. 2 (oct. 1980)
7.5" x 10.75". 16 pp.
Inside articles about Bauhaus, Elvis Costello and the Dead Kennedys, photography by Joseph Szkodzinski and comic strips by Mike Martin...

Non LP B-Side No. 3 (nov. 1980)
7.5" x 10.75". 16 pp.
Interview with Gang of Four, photographs of NY clubs, record reviews ( Modern English, Bollock Brothers, Distributors, Walter Steding and the Dragon People, A Certain Ratio, Killing Joke, Bauhaus, Wah Heat), plus news editorial called "The Rap"...

Non LP B-Side No. 4 / New Years Edition (1980/81)
7.5" x 10.75". 16 pp.
Inside article about Bush Tetras, record reviews (Au Pairs, Conceputol, The Fall, Basement 5, Suburban Lawns, Orange Juice, Section 25, Hybrid Kids, Defunkt), news editorial "Sons of Stiff" and "The Rap".
Non LP B-Side No. 6 (may. 1981)
7.5" x 10.75". 16 pp.
Article about Adam and The Ants, record charts, record reviews (Theatre of Hate, Public Servants, Andi Ostrowe, Woodhead Monroe, Hi-Techs, Fad Gadgets, Electric Guitars, The Birthday Party, Jona Lewie, Altered Image, Music for Pleasure), news editorial "The Rap", article on Dead Kennedys, X, an article called "Faschion"...

Non LP B-Side No. 7 (jun. 1981)
7.5" x 10.75". 20 pp.
Article about The Fall, Delta 5, records charts, article about The Jam, Plus Instruments, record reviews (Kim Wilde, Shock, The Jam, Killing Joke, Classix Nouveau, Heaven 17, Echo & The Bunnymen, Positive Noise), an article about New York's Nightclubbing, news editorial "The Rap", article about Madness...

Non LP B-Side No. 9 / First Anniversary Issue (sep. 1981)
7.5" x 10.75". 16 pp.
Inside article about John Cale, Killing Joke, The Revillos, Way Of The West, The Beam, record reviews (Bow Wow Wow, OMD...)...

Non LP B-Side No. 10 (oct. 1981)
7.5" x 10.75". 
Specials centerfold and profile of the Au Pairs, plus reviews...

Non LP B-Side No. 11 (nov. 1981)
7.5" x 10.75".

Non LP B-Side No. ? (feb. 1982)
7.5" x 10.75".
Articles on Pere Ubu, Nails, Antonia & Operators...

[you will find some issues scans here ]


  1. Great information. There is one issue online

  2. Margery Amber went on to create the Art of Creativity Awards - check it out! v cool.

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