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What: Fanzine
Where: Bordeaux, France
When: 1981-93
Who: Virginie, Caroline Sury, Pat Z., Loux, ??

Fantastic fanzine/magazine out of France, Bordeaux. They released ten issues in ten years and from the third number it became a magazine (with the isbn code). The graphic is very polish and the content are full of informations (a lot of interviews) they covered from punk to industrial, from post-punk to experimental, astonishing are the dossier on Subterranean Records and RRRrecords!
They were a sort of collective of four people with Caroline Sury (later known she formed another art-collective Le Dernier Cri) and Loux (who later formed the band La Machoire).

Hello Happy Taxpayers No. 0
Index: article on Flipper, interview with Bill Baxter, comics La Parano des Piranahas / BD, reportage "Sports sex and drugs", text, interview with Fabrice Nataf, The Revillos, The Birthday Party, article on vampires...

Hello Happy Taxpayers No. 1
Inside: article on Black Flag, text "Voyage Sans Fin" by Dorothy Belle Hughes, Grafik, text "Mad in Japan", article "Oh Bondage Up Yours", article on Stranglers, interview with Richard Hell, article on Einsturzend Neubauten, Clair-Obscur, Impressions d'une Chrysalide, Irradiation, SPK, Tapageuse Parade, Skin/ Peau, Le Coin Cuisine, Bd/La Parano des Piranhas, Crazy Hearts...

Hello Happy Taxpayers No. 2 (mar. 1984)
Inside: L'Oreille est Hardie (reportage on the Poitiers music scene), Placid et Muzo (draw), text: Regards sur un Monde Humide, article & interview with Camera Silens, comic: I Like Food, text: Dick Dick & Dick, article on Bush Tetras, article on Cosy Corner, text: War News Blues, cassette reviews, comic: Barjo Kid est Arrive, collages and interview with Classe X, book and fanzine reviews, comic: Placid, text on Antonin Artaud, interview with Les Exemples, article on You've Got Foetus, text: Macho, interview with The Firm, comic: Derniere Illusion.....

Hello Happy Taxpayers No. 3 (dec. 1984)
Inside: reportage "This is Boston not LA", article on Karnage, article on Theatre of Hate, interview with Severed Heads, artwork by Claudine Euxibie, interview with Etant Donnes, article on Wipers, dossier on Subterranean Records, interview with Discorde, comics by Susan Catherine, artwork by Church Police, record reviews, article on Introverts, cassette & fanzine reviews, text: The Persian Poems, Lydia Lunch...

Hello Happy Taxpayers No. 4/5 (1986)
Inside: interview with Anti-Scunti Faction, article and interview with Swans, Vague fanzine, article on Sun City Girls, article on Laylah Records, article on The Moodist, collages, interview with Nocturnal Emissions, interview with Sordide Sentimental, Mark Lane, Attrition, "Capitale Sons neufs" dossier with band from Paris, Husker Du, article and interview with Laibach, interview with UT, dossier on Berlin bands, reportage Berlin Atonal, industrial record reviews, article on Algebra Suicide, cinema: Sweet Fucking Movies, record reviews, article on Verdun, dossier on Iceland post-punk, cassette reviews, news, article on RE/Search ...
+ glued to the fanzine this tape Berlin Atonal 1985 [here]

Hello Happy Taxpayers No. 6 (apr. 1987)
Inside: Amor Fati, "A" Bomb, Kathy Acker, Big Black, Minimal Man, Kormorany Raj, D. LeBlanc, Nurse With Wound, Nox, Susan Catherine, Black Flag, Honeymoon Killers, Cinema, Video: Bill Viola, R.R.R., Sound War III, Subterranean Records, Kiss Me Deadly, record reviews, address...

Hello Happy Taxpayers No. 7 (jul. 1988)
Inside: record reviews, interview with Jean-Louis Costes, Blast First dossier, article on Swans, interview with The Ex, interview with Culturcide, texts, the cinema of Yann Beauvais, interview with Sleep Chamber, text, interview with Sonic Youth, interview with Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, interview with Z'EV, interview with Nox, fanzine reviews, Joubert interview, RRR Records dossier, lyrics, Made in Britain review, record & cassette reviews...

Hello Happy Taxpayers No. 8 (dec. 1989)
Inside: record rewies, interview with Henry Rollins, cinema reviews, Une Saison Au Paradis (article about hardcore punk), text "Mon Beau Cygne" by Anette Berr, interview with Naked Raygun, record reviews, Vomir Des Yeux (reviews of independent comics zines), interview with Steve Albini, text "Nus Sous Les Condoleances", interview with Ikue Mori, Susan Catherine comics, Vous Etes Ici poetry, article "Raconteurs D'Histoires", dossier RRR Records, The Ex: Aural Guerrilla, article on Jean-Luis Costes, cassettes reviews....
+ Vinyl 7inch with Smersh, Naked Raygun, A.C. Temple, Blackhouse, Black Jack [here]

Hello Happy Taxpayers No. 9 (1991)
Inside: interview with Nausea, article and interview with Rudolph Grey, reportage of Berlin gigs with reviews, article on Of Cabbages and Kings, interview and comics with Charles Burns, article on Jean Marie Boivin, interview Neurosis, artworks by Keiichi Ohta, text by Thierry Dessolas, profile of W.O.O., profile of Foetus, profile of Barkmarket, Cop Shoot Cop, Arsenal, interview with Happy Flowers, text by Jean Rene Lassalle, comic by Herniette Valium, interview with Plaid Retina, article on Cold Meat Industry, interview with Memorandum, interview with Raksha Mancham, article & text of Gravezine, interview with Borbetomagus, record & fanzine reviews, Vomir des Yeux....

Hello Happy Taxpayers No. 10 (1993)
Inside: interview with Circle X, article on Voodoo Muzak, interview and artwork with Graham Harwood (IF Comix), text by Jean Rene Lassalle, article on Jad Fair, article on Krackhouse, article on Arno Schmidt, artwork by Tomeu Cabot, interview with Born Against, interview with Konstruktivists, article on RWA, record & fanzine reviews, artwork by Vomir des Yeux....

[All the issues in PDF here (search for Hello Happy Taxpayers)]

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